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A Picture of the back side of the Great St. Mary's Church, with gothic style arched windows.

 We are Hiring! 



Casual & Part-time positions - £15-25/h
Apply by 15 June 2023 12:00 pm BST

About us:

Uncomfortable Cambridge is a social enterprise that runs walking tours in Cambridge focusing on histories of racial inequality, gender and class discrimination, and legacies of empire. It was started in 2022 by local students as an extension of Uncomfortable Oxford and with the goal of providing meaningful employment opportunities in the city while addressing local issues of inequity and historical injustice.


Our main activity consists of walking tours which celebrate diverse narratives in the city centre, while raising awareness about ‘uncomfortable’ histories and fostering respectful conversations. Tours reflect on the landscape of the city, looking behind the beautiful facades and landmarks to uncover how histories of power, privilege, and inequality have shaped Cambridge over the centuries and continue to influence it today.

Role Description:


We are hiring new guides who will be trained to deliver a variety of our Uncomfortable Cambridge walking tours.

  • Do you love talking to new people?

  • Do you love history?

  • Are you passionate about addressing modern inequity?


Join our guiding team!

The tours are designed to generate dialogue within the group of attendees, with guides delivering relevant information and then facilitating a discussion between tour participants.

We are looking for friendly and knowledgeable communicators who are committed to bringing academic research to a public audience in engaging ways. We seek guides who can inspire critical thinking and who are dedicated to sensitive, productive, and open discussion about complex topics including racism, gender discrimination, sexuality, class inequalities, legacies of slavery, historical violence, and systems of inequality.

The guide will be a mediator as well as a tour facilitator, performing an essential role in creating a safe and productive space for participants to share their opinions during the tour. 

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Background in Humanities or Social Sciences, preferably at a post-graduate level. Candidates should ideally have conducted or be conducting research in one of the topic areas we cover in the tours.

  • Good public speaking and communication skills.

  • Passionate about addressing equality, fostering inclusion, and celebrating diversity.

  • Residence within Cambridge or the nearby area. This position requires an in-person work presence.

  • Plans to be regularly present in Cambridge over the next year.


We are also open to individuals who have non-traditional educational trajectories or professional experiences which may be relevant to or overlap with the questions we raise on our tours.​

Location, Hours and Pay

This is a paid, part-time position: 

  • Training pay is provided at £11.50/hour

  • Guiding pay begins at £15.00/hour, and reaches a maximum of £26.67/hour as guide progresses in experience.

  • Number of hours varies each week depending on tour demand.

Application guidelines:

To apply, fill out our application form by 12:00 PM BST (noon) on 15 June, 2023. Tell us why you are interested in what we do and why you would make a great tour guide!


You will be notified if you are shortlisted for an interview on 16 June, with all interviews held online on 19 June.


To apply for this position, you must be available on the following dates:

  • 19 June - Interview days - we will strive, if possible, to accommodate times that work for you.

  • 23 June - Induction Day

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